Kentucky State University’s Student Health Services provides quality, free-of-charge healthcare to students. In order to support the holistic development of a healthy lifestyle for students, we focus on all aspects of care—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We sponsor outreach projects to access students on their level; we conduct lectures and seminars to help educate the public about living a life of wellness. Services are available during the regular academic year and summer sessions.

Regular clinic hours are posted for the Betty White Health Center during the regular academic year and summer session, and services of the University’s doctor?are available on a part-time basis only. Appointments are required for visits to the Comprehensive Counselor, except for emergencies. In case of illness on weekends, please notify the Dormitory Director in your residence hall.

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Betty White Health Center Hours

Monday– Friday?湖北快3官方网址8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Nurse Practitioner’s Hours

Monday – Thursday: 湖北快3官方网址9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Friday?9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Mental Health Counselor

湖北快3官方网址In order to schedule an appointment with the mental health Counselor, walk-in appointments during regular business hours are welcomed. If you would prefer an appointment, however, please call (502) 597-6271.

After-Hours Services

湖北快3官方网址On weekends and after 4:30pm on weekdays, individuals in need of care or having an emergency may contact their Dormitory Director or the KSU Campus Police & Security at (502) 597-6878. They will be able to contact the appropriate individuals to help you.

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Phone: 湖北快3官方网址(502) 597-6277